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A control that inherits from User Control is a control that can be quickly created, but it does not use a Control Template and you cannot customize its appearance.

When you define the visual structure and visual behavior in the Control Template of a control, application authors can change the visual structure and visual behavior of your control by creating a new Control Template instead of writing code.

The following illustration shows a Check Box that uses a default Control Template and a Check Box that uses a custom Control Template.

A Check Box that uses the default control template A Check Box that uses a custom control template If you follow the parts and states model when you create a control, your control's appearance will be customizable.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) gives you the ability to create a control whose appearance can be customized.

For example, you can change the appearance of a Check Box beyond what setting properties will do by creating a new Control Template.

Click, Address Of up Button Element_Click End If End Set End Property control.

This section describes the recommended practices for interacting with Framework Element objects and managing states.

The visual behavior is the way the control appears when it is in a certain state.

For more information about creating a Control Template that specifies the visual structure and visual behavior of a control, see Customizing the Appearance of an Existing Control by Creating a Control Template.

Designer tools such as Microsoft Expression Blend support the parts and states model, so when you follow this model your control will be customizable in those types of applications.

This topic discusses the parts and states model and how to follow it when you create your own control.

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Then an application developer to customize the position of the buttons and Text Block and specify what behavior occurs when will always show a red negative value.

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