Updating theide drive

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Updating theide drive

No, neither did I until recently, when Glenn Garrett of Quiet PC provided me with a link to a very useful utility that lets you display the current temperatures on your Taskbar.DTemp is a tiny 94kb free download ( that, when run under Windows 9x, 2000, NT or XP, interrogates the Smart Monitoring features of your hard drive(s), and can show info such as capacity, buffer size, supported and current transfer modes, various of the more esoteric features that it supports, and details of current parameters including error rates and temperature.While the PATA models provide about 40Mb/second sustained transfer rates for both read and write, the newer SATA models can manage 56Mb/second, which means that Windows and your applications will load more quickly, and — probably more important for the PC musician — you'll be able to stream more audio tracks and samples if you need them.Like many others, my Asus P4P800 Deluxe motherboard provides connections for up to four PATA drives, using the familiar ribbon cables, and two SATA drives, and it came bundled with a pair of the thinner SATA cables, so all I needed was the drives themselves.

If any bad sectors are found the data stored in them can then be rescued, as far as possible, and then the sectors are permanently marked as bad so that Windows can work around them.You're planning to change your PC hard drives, so you just unplug the old ones, plug in the new ones, and off you go, right?Wrong: there's many a slip, and this month we aim to help you avoid all of them.The biggest challenge is if you want to replace an existing drive containing Windows and all your applications with a new model, and you don't want to have to spend countless hours reinstalling everything from scratch on the new and initially empty drive.This is exactly the scenario I faced this month — replacing two PATA drives, containing four Windows partitions and a further six data partitions, with two new SATA drives.

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Many musicians have abandoned their existing sleeves because of this worry, but using DTemp I could adopt a more scientific approach and monitor the stabilised temperatures of my drives before making a final decision.

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