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Updating site columns

So how will you see the new color scheme if you have upgraded from a previous build?

We'll soon be publishing a tool that will help you apply this new scheme and a selection of alternative color schemes to your Windows Console. Here is the legacy color scheme (top), and the new default scheme (below): Additionally, the following table describes the color scheme change in terms of RGB values.

STATE BY STATE LISTINGS of the of the FCC DTV TABLE are available here.

These were extracted from an FCC file dated February 5, 1999, based on the DTV Table of Allotments in the Second Memorandum Opinion and Order, released December 18, 1998.

Lay out your information and make sure that each column has a header.

For my example project, I’m creating a chart that tracks sales of each Harry Potter novel at a bookshop.

Charts help shorten the decision-making process, as we can immediately see our results and where we need to make changes.Please visit for information on how to receive it by email or to view the latest edition on-line.I've been updating the FCC database spreadsheets every two weeks for the past several months and listing the links in RF Report.During the past 20 years, screens & display technology, contrast ratio, and resolution have changed significantly, from CRT's through TFT LCD's to modern-day nano-scale 4K displays.The legacy default scheme was not built for modern displays and does not render as well on newer high-contrast LCD displays.

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