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The Odhni is an integral part of the Rajasthani women's attire and deserves special mention.It is generally a long piece of cloth (generally 3 meters by 2 meters).

Rajasthan the state of Royal Rajput’s known for their bravery, culture, traditional and dressing.Though usually teamed up with the Ghagra Choli or Lehengas, it is also worn over a saree on special ceremonious occasions.One end of it is tucked into the skirt or saree at the waist.Rajasthani dress consist of Odhni, Blouse and Ghagras whereas Rajputi Poshaks Consists of Odhni, Kurti, Kanchali, and Ghagras.The glory of the land has frozen in time, its art; its music and its culinary finesse still mesmerize our senses.

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The costumes and dresses of the native Rajasthanis are a spectacular combination of cultural lineage and weather proof designing.

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