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It was during the Korean conflict that many of the State Militias began to disappear. Marine Corps, recognizing and reconfirming their respective commitment to further each other's programs and to closely coordinate activities.The New York Naval Militia recognized the parallel to the Reserve structure and the New York Military Law was changed, making it compulsory for all New York Naval Militia members to be drilling Navy or Marine Corps Reservists. In 1997, a memorandum of Understanding was signed between the New York Naval Militia and the U. Coast Guard, permitting Coast Guard Reservists to volunteer to join the New York Naval Militia.In 1996, Memoranda of Understanding were signed between the New York Naval Militia and the U. In 1998, New York State Law was amended to permit Coast Guard Reservists to serve in the New York State Military Forces and the Law was also modified to permit up to 5% of the Naval Militia to be qualified volunteers.Today, the New York Naval Militia is the only federally recognized Naval Militia with continuous, unbroken service dating back to the 1890s.

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Following the sinking of the USS Maine, the Navy Department called up Naval Militia volunteers for duty in the Federal Auxiliary Naval Force; The Spanish American War had begun and the New York Naval Militia was in the thick of it.

New York Naval Militiamen manned two auxiliary cruisers that were engaged in the Battle of Santiago and served aboard various other ships including patrol craft tasked with protecting New York Harbor.

1916 saw the establishment of the United States Naval Reserve Force.

Unfortunately, only those persons with prior Naval service could affiliate.

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