Mandating ethanol

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Mandating ethanol

This background is important because it deals with the subject matter. Our mission is to provide items of merchandise and services that our customers want, and customer acceptance (sales) determines whether we retain or delete an item from our stock assortment.We have taken the stance that we cover magazines that may be offensive to our customer's on a temporary basis due to the sensitivity of the issue. Also, many foreign-made products dominate their particular market and are highly preferred by customers. Generally, we are able to do this without much controversy.The Code refers to the flag, which is defined by Webster's as a rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is used as a symbol of a nation.The Code refers to wearing and using "actual" flags and not products that contain the "design" of a flag.If you have a specific brand or style of clothing you would like to see available in your Exchange, please contact your local management team.They will be glad to pass along your suggestions to the merchandise buyer.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the flag-design merchandise we are currently featuring at your Exchange.

Media inquiries should be referred to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, phone number 703-697-5133.) Title 10 U. At the direction of the Secretary of Defense, a Resale Activities Board of Review was established to review publications and other materials that might be viewed as sexually explicit.

As a result of that review, a list of publications and other materials that may not be sold on property under the authority of Do D was published on , as was a list of publications that may be sold on property under Do D authority.

OPR: MD (POC: Hilda Rivera-Franceschi) Reference: No EOP reference (Reviewed/Updated: December 2015) We respect your right to object to (name artist or group) and we appreciate your letting us know you want us to remove their CDs from our stores.

However, the Exchange mission is to provide merchandise and services that our customers want, and an item that may be objectionable to one customer is not to another.

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