Interracial dating in the south

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A nice family saw me waiting for the hotel trolley to pick me up and told me, NONSENSE!! Come on, now…we’re driving to the hotel same as you. Once I gathered all my data, I was able to present my observations of how interracial dating fared in the region. Officially, there were no interracial marriages under Apartheid, but in reality, the picture was much more complicated.We’ve discussed how interracial relationships, and peoples’ openness (or not) to it often depends on the region in which you live.So I figured I need to get out there and find out for myself!Those found guilty of violating the Immorality Acts faced fines, jail time, and social censure.There were also long-term relationships that had to exist in secret or be camouflaged as other types of relationships.Apartheid rested on the separation of races at every level, and preventing interracial sexual relations was an essential piece of that.The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act from 1949 explicitly prevented white people from marrying people of other races, and the Immorality Acts prevented people of different races from having extra-marital sexual relations.

She was so excited because they had recently opened this location. I would have been totally soaked to the bone had I done so. As for the interracial couples I saw, they looked perfectly comfortable and I didn’t see any horrified old white ladies clutching their pearls.The upper-class white society especially holds true to this.Conversely, many of the blacks who have been there for generations agree.But while you might be tempted to believe Charleston is full of a bunch of snooty bigots, they’re some of the nicest folks.The saying about southern hospitality is real, ya’ll.

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