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“With higher margins, of course the market is going to sell at higher prices,” Grantham wrote.There are a number of reasons why profitability increased and is likely to remain at these somewhat elevated levels, according to Grantham.It was known then as The Free Grammar School of Edward VI but changed its name to King's in 1909.

In a quarterly letter to investors, laying out his views on the market through the period ending in May, Grantham said that metrics such as price-to-earnings, price-to-book and profit margins, which tended to revert to the mean, are no longer following previous rules.

21-30: You’ve seen most, if not all of the episodes, read the odd article about Downton’s stars and talked about it with your friends.

It’s a perfectly healthy enthusiasm, although you try not to become obsessed.

In other words, it’s less clear what’s really cheap or what’s truly expensive.

Price-to-earnings, or PE, ratios are still moving in a zigzag manner, but after 1997 and the consequent tech bubble, the average ratio became permanently higher, Grantham says.

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After school had finished for the day, Newton challenged the boy to a fight and won.

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