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To customize your pop-up form, follow these next steps.Synopsis: Isabel Metcalfe and Moira Mac Peak, whom you met in "Through Night to Light" and "Moira's Story" are kidnaped from a hotel in northern Scotlandand sold to a white-slavery cartel to become field beasts of burden.

"It looked like your mind was light-years away." "Yes," Isabel replied, "I was just thinking about work in the lab tomorrow. I received my orientation, I was interviewed, got the paperwork signed, sealed and delivered and everybody was just so nice.Their chains are the least of their problems, as the white-slavers had arranged for enormous breast-implant surgeries for each woman, prior to their delivery to East Africa, nude, chained and gagged.Their husbands and sons launch a rescue attempt -- but at great cost -- and the women's fates are in the hands of the unknown.Tonight, she was practising walking about the living room to get ready to start her new position as administrative assistant in the offices of the local woolen mill in the small western Scotland town five miles away from their country homes.The mill agreed to transfer her off the machinery floor, as a "safety risk," to the general office when it became known she would be coming to work in chains.

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Here's how: Entering 2018, it's easy for publishers to remain in defense mode as they brace for another year of battling the duopoly.