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So technically dating a non-Christian is not a sin. But we mustn’t be naïve about where these relationships are going.

Dating is a culturally acknowledged convention during which marriage is being considered.

Without being patronising, we ought to sympathise with friends in this situation.

Most churches are not awash with young eligible men. There’s a cost to staying and contributing to the gospel work of smaller churches.

There is a whole world of people out there to get to know, and you will find that the experience is unique.

Many single Christian women would love to be married. It’s the thing that they think will satisfy them beyond their wildest dreams.

If you are Christian and single, it is likely that you are looking for someone who not only tickles your fancy, but also shares your interests and beliefs.

With Christian dating sites online, you will be able expand your options, and narrow down the possibilities in a simple, easy-to-use system.

Social convention, parental expectations and individual aspirations mean that being single just feels awkward and embarassing. The opportunities for sin to seize upon this disappointment and for it to become an occasion for resentment and bitterness are very real.

And let’s not allow anyone to suggest that being single is second class.

The statistics of male to female proportions in local churches make depressing reading. One of the ways in which we can show love to those who struggle with this is to support and encourage male evangelism.

People need to see beyond the first few years of marriage and reflect on how life will operate once there are children.

It’s often the case that single women don’t think beyond the first five years of marriage. Compatibility is overplayed but wise Compatibility has some merits. You’ve got to be clear that this is the person you’d like to have a go at spending the rest of your life with.

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Christian dating sites will offer you a chance to search out people like you, who are searching for anything from a good conversation and friendship, to a more involved relationship, built on the things that you were raised on.

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