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Again, we have a feeling these 'sources' must have been mistaken, as Michelle let rip on her Twitter this afternoon:" data-reactid="28" also claimed that Keegan and Thomas had been spotted having an "intimate dinner" and were behaving like a couple.

Max George has also been on a bit of a Twitter rant today, announcing that he was "sick of reading s**t from my prostitute of an ex".

It is mixed with citrus juice and is a refreshing drink during hot weather.

Agua de coco: Literally meaning coconut water, this drink is often served directly in the coconut itself.

Unripe coconuts contain much more liquid than ripe coconuts, as the liquid is absorbed by the flesh of the fruit, so green coconuts are plucked of the trees and opened for a sweet and mild drink.

Agua de Coco can easily be found in stands on the street.

Leite de Onça: "Jaguar Milk" again made with cachaça, it is a combined with milk and served cold.To the East of West Ilsley, Hodcott Down (Winter Ground) features the six furlong woodchip gallop, the mainstay of the year-round operation.It also has grass chutes covering five, six and seven furlongs, with "Gilbert's Gallop" covering a mile on the collar providing probably the stiffest test of all the gallops on the Downs.Very similar to rum, you can either purchase it aged or unaged, white or gold.Aged cachaça which is considered superior and is generally sipped on its own, can very in flavor, depending on the type of wood used for the barrels.


It is a mixture of cachaça with juice from a cashew nut.

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