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See Program Schedule Here Champs will love taking the plunge under the watchful eye and expert guidance of MILO Swimtech’s talented instructors.

The program matches the pace and readiness of each student.

Training is handled by able and expert coaches and instructors who use the modern, scientific approach.

More importantly, they incorporate character-forming lessons in their program.

Train your champ in this football variation with the PHILIPPINE FUTSAL ACADEMY to improve his technique, improvisation, and ball control in small spaces.

See Program Schedule Here Introduce your champ to the fundamentals of gymnastics in a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment.

Choosing to start is the first step to a champion journey.

Fencing has been called “Physical Chess” and even “Algebra with Footwork” because it gives the body a total workout while honing the ability to think on one’s feet. See Program Schedule Here Ateneo Football Center Entrust your champ’s soccer training to the highly capable hands - and talented feet! Established in 1982 to teach football to kids aged 4 to 18, it’s given rise to many of our country’s top football players.

A great place to kickstart your little champion’s dreams.

Along with the technical aspects of the sport, your champ will be learning self-discipline and respect for others – important traits for winning in life.

See Program Schedule Here In Parkour, a participant goes through an obstacle course with the aim of finishing as quick and efficient as possible.

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It’s the perfect way to introduce your champ to the fundamentals of the most popular sport in the country; as well as help him develop discipline, endurance, and coordination.

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